This Man Considered Sridevi His Wife and What He did After Her Death is Very Shocking

Mar 5, 2018

Everyone is still in a condition of shock with the death of Bollywood actress Sridevi.

There is one person named Omprakash Mehra from Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh got affected with Sridevi’s death so much that he stopped eating and drinking. If this was not enough, on Sunday, he organized a Shraddhanjalli Sabha in memory of the late actress in a school of Daduni and also got his head shaved.

He is not a common fan but considers Sridevi as his better half even after knowing that she was married to Mr. Boney Kapoor.

Omprakash became a fan of Sridevi after watching her first movie and started writing letters to her. Till now, he has written more than 3,000 letters to Sridevi and once he got a chance to meet her but due to some reason, he was not able to go to Mumbai to meet her. Omprakash wanted to marry Sridevi and this is why, he is still single.

You will be surprised to know that in the year 2002, he entered Sridevi’s name as his wife’s name in the voter list. Everyone was shocked to see this and when he was asked about it, he said that he considered the actress as his wife.

One of Omprakash friend said,

“My friend Omprakash loves Sridevi a lot and he has taken her as his wife. He said that he would wait for her till seven births. He didn’t shave his hair when his mother died but for Sridevi, he shaved off all his hair.”

Strange But True........!!!!!!!!

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