Here IS The Reason Why SALMAN Goes Shirtless In Movies

Mar 14, 2018

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood and even his guest appearance in any movie can be the reasong for the success of movie.

One thing that everyone love is to see in Salman going shirtless. Salman Himself enjoy going shirtless.

His Song “O O Jaane Jana” song from the movie “Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” is still a big hit song and his shirtless aatar in the song stilll make girls and boys too go crazy for his body.


When Salman Khan was asked about going topless, he said:

“I realised that a good body was an asset and hence I cast my shirt off for the film. When you have a good body, why shouldn’t you show it off, man? Walking around bare-chested is not new for me. Even in my house, I never wear a shirt. You will always find me in just shorts. If I am driving or walking down the road, and if I feel hot, I just take off my shirt and carry on. I do not care what people say. If you have a problem, get lost.”

Further he added:

“Call me arrogant or whatever you like. I am like this. I try and put forward myself very clearly. I am not scared of speaking the truth. I have been labelled arrogant by a section of the film press, especially those magazines which want me to run around them and accept whatever they write about me. If I call you names, if I write rubbish about your family, will you like it? It can spoil your relationships with your colleagues and family and also land you in a soup. Just because somebody wants to sell his magazine, does it mean I should allow them to make use of me?”

Well, this is the reason why everyone just love him and fans are crazy about him!

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